Press Releases

Family Preservation Program Guides Mother to a Healthier Environment

Ms.Thompson is a 30-year-old African American female mother of two children, 10-year-old Samantha, and 9-month-old Kennedy. Ms. Thompson moved from Ohio to California, without any financial support or family in California. Ms. Thompson has been receiving services at ECDA for guidance and support. In February 2022, Ms. Thompson was referred to the Family Preservation Program […]

Hope for the Holidays

The holiday season is a time when many think of ways to give back to those in need. Giving back is very important to El Centro de Amistad as it helps unite our community and brings happiness to families in need. Every year, ECDA hosts two-holiday campaigns: Our annual Thanksgiving Food Drive and our annual […]

7 Ways to Manage Holiday Stress

The holidays are among us and with that, we experience many mixed emotions. These may include joy, happiness, and excitement as you see the decorations and start to see family and friends. On the other hand, the holidays may also be a source of increased stress and reminders of grief and loss for those of […]

Creating and Cultivating Community Connections

What do Instagram, JP Morgan Chase, and El Centro de Amistad (ECDA) have in common? Juliana Oceguera. Having been promoted to Vice President Community Manager at JP Morgan Chase in September 2021, Juliana wanted to make a difference in the community and help organizations during the holidays. She was scrolling through her Instagram newsfeed and […]

ECDA’s Back-to-School Event Catered to 250 Students

For the past 45 years, El Centro de Amistad has been committed to providing a wide range of mental health services and family support to children, adults, and families in the San Fernando Valley. Giving back is very important to ECDA as it helps unite our community and brings happiness to less fortunate families, especially […]

Finding Hope in Therapy After Pandemic Fatigue

Susana is a 17-year-old Latinx client, who returned to El Centro de Amistad for treatment due to increased depressive symptoms after the pandemic. At first, Susana was apprehensive about returning to therapy, but her Mother advocated for her to get support. The client lived with her biological mother and father and her two older sisters. […]

Thank You for Joining Us at Our Virtual Mental Health Conference!

We would like to thank you for giving your valuable time and attention during our 2nd Annual Virtual Mental Health Conference that took place on Wednesday, May 11 in which we explored topics of Culture, Equity, and Race in Mental Health. With over three hundred viewers tuning in live to the conference via YouTube and […]

How To Help a Student Prepare With the Back-to-School Jitters

We can all agree that starting anything new can be stressful. And when that happens it is helpful to feel understood and supported. We will share helpful tools that can help teachers, family members, parents, grandparents, or anyone who has a student assist the student with preparing for the nervousness or anxiety that comes from […]

How Therapy Helped Pamela Turn Her Life Around

Pamela is a 29-year-old Latina female who began therapy to deal with unresolved childhood issues, grief and loss, substance use, and having her three children removed from her custody due to neglect. At the onset of therapy, she presented as a highly anxious person who seemed overwhelmed with her life circumstances and responsibilities. As a […]

Thankful for Our Wonderful Team of Social Workers

Having come from a low-income family and relied on the numerous helpers in the community, Misty Farber was inspired to become a licensed clinical social worker. In her 20s, her mother was in the hospital when they received support from a social worker “who helped us through things and processing when we lost her.” Today, […]