Press Releases

Thank You for Joining Us at Our Virtual Mental Health Conference!

With over 300 views, our virtual conference was indeed a success! We want to thank you for giving your valuable time and attention during ECDA’s Annual Virtual Mental Health Conference on May 17 in which we explored topics about the impact and effects of Interpersonal Violence (IPV) on BIPOC families and inherent layers of trauma […]

Educational Challenges Turned to a Brighter Road Ahead

Silvia is a client in the Step Care Program who began mental health services with her mental health clinician (MHC) Miriam Guijarro in May of 2023. Silvia is an 11-year-old girl, who lives with her parents and sibling. Silvia’s family originated from Jalisco, Mexico, and through their Catholic religion, they rely on their faith to […]

Off to School, We Go!

It’s almost that time again. Summer break is over, and the children go back to school. Below are some tips that will assist with the beginning of a new school year. Some of the tips below are useful throughout the entire school year. Whether a child is starting a new school year or a new […]

Infant Mental Health and the Benefits of Infant Massage

When we think about who can participate and benefit from mental health services, we may think of school-age children, teens, and/or adults. While mental health services can be beneficial to these age groups, many individuals may not know that infants can also benefit from mental health services as well. At El Centro de Amistad, one […]

ECDA at the California Charter School Conference 2023

El Centro de Amistad attended this year’s California Charter School Conference in March 2023 in Sacramento, California. The team representing ECDA at Sacramento included our Associate Director, Tania Fallert-Del Gatto, IECMH Program Manager, Maria G. Williams, and our Child Therapists, Alina Gonzalez, and Alexis Cabrera. Our staff showcased all the services ECDA provides to the […]

10 Second Body, Mind, and Heart Check-in

Across the United States, we bring awareness to Mental Health throughout the month of May. Mental Health Awareness Month assists with bringing awareness to fighting the stigma and normalizing our need to take care of our mental health. For this Mental Health Awareness Month, I invite you all to take a “10-second break” to acknowledge […]