Press Releases

It’s All in the Family

When his wife, Angie Sanchez, became employed right out of college at El Centro de Amistad (ECDA), Enrique Sanchez could not have imagined what was in store for him. Throughout the past ten years, Angie shared stories with Enrique of the common hardships families overcome. Her dedication and expertise were recognized when she was promoted […]

Janet’s Story on Navigating the Hardships of Adolescence

Adolescence is a difficult transition for many teens and their families. They face transitions in the home, school, and socially with peers. This is when so many physical and emotional changes occur, which may be critical for their overall success into adulthood. However, this transition may be even more difficult when our teens face additional […]

Thank You for Joining us at our  ‘Tools 2 Thrive’  Virtual Conference!

Thank you for celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month by joining us at our Mental Health Conference titled ‘Tools 2 Thrive’ Mental Health Conference on May 12. We were thrilled to have you all join us at our first virtual conference. Key conference speakers included Alejandra Trujillo, a licensed marriage and family therapist, an infant, child, […]

The Effects a Pandemic Can Have on Your Mental Health

As the pandemic continues and the changes of the Delta virus filter our news channels, there is no way around the reality of COVID-19 on our levels of fear and anxiety. Often a common symptom of anxiety is ongoing fear, worry, and panic that significantly impacts your ability to cope with your daily life. One […]

Tools 2 Thrive

As a mental health provider, we take great pride in the well-being of our clients and our team members. During May, Mental Health Awareness Month, we are sharing a few ways to address the signs of mental illness through the Tools 2 Thrive campaign initiated by Mental Health America. One in five people will experience […]

Your Change Can Make A Change

Each year millions of Americans face the reality of living with a mental illness. In May, ECDA joins the national movement of Mental Health Awareness Month to raise awareness about mental health. Every year we provide support to thousands of families, educate the public through our free webinars and our ‘Tools 2 Thrive’ mental health […]

How Therapy Gave a Teenage Girl Hope

Many of us can remember our middle school experience. For some, it was a time of growth, for others, a time of fun, and for some, middle school was the most challenging experience. That was the case for Samantha. Samantha came to ECDA in 2018 as a young 11-year-old experiencing irritability, sadness, loss of interest, […]

Success is not Final and Failure is not Fatal

The beginning of each year is centered on setting goals and making New Year’s resolutions. Yet sometimes we get discouraged, thinking we failed to achieve our goals from the previous year so why bother. I am reminded of a quote by Winston Churchill: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage […]

Tips on How to Have a Great Valentine’s Day for Your Mental Health

Society implies that the right way to live is in a romantic relationship. Sometimes being single seems to be frowned upon. There is nothing wrong with being single, even on Valentine’s Day. You do not have to be in a relationship or dating to enjoy the holiday. Here are some fun activities to support your […]