El Centro de Amistad’s Training Program for Social Work and Marriage & Family Therapist Graduate Students

What is an Internship/ Traineeship?

An internship/Traineeship is an opportunity for MSW and MFT graduate students to apply what they learn in graduate school to real-life situations. Placement in the field of mental health will assist students in practicing practical as well as higher-level clinical skills in preparation for entering a professional position post-graduation. The goal of the program is to assist students in increasing their knowledge of community mental health as well as increasing competence in the application of treatment and interventions as well as legal and ethical considerations when working with clients. Furthermore, students will gain opportunities to face challenging cases/situations as a means to promote confidence and competence in the field.

What is the commitment?

The Training Program time commitment may vary depending on differing graduate program expectations. For MSW programs, internships, on average, follow the academic year beginning in early fall (August/September) and continuing until Spring (early May). For MFT programs, traineeships can vary from 9 to 12 months. Students must commit to a weekly schedule and 16-24 hours per week.

Training Program Description

The Experience: ECDA’s Training Program provides MSW and MFT graduate students the opportunity to conduct mental health services for children, youth, adults, and families of the San Fernando Valley, a predominately Latinx community. Selected candidate will gain hands-on experience with providing therapeutic services with identified consumers that have mental health problems. Interns will develop and maintain an individual caseload working with consumers between the ages of 0-64 to assist with symptom reduction and increase functioning. Candidates will work in a multi-disciplinary team, which may include case managers, a peer partner, employment specialists, and a psychiatrist. Candidates will develop skills in conducting biopsychosocial assessments, diagnosing, treatment planning, individual/family and group therapy, clinical interventions/strategies, advocacy, collaborating with client treatment teams, crisis interventions, clinical documentation, etc. Interns may conduct services in the office setting or in the field, which may include the consumer’s home or school. Candidates may have the opportunity to be trained in select Evidence-Based Practices.

MSW Intern Program Contact:

Diana K. Jauregui, MSW, LCSW #107909

MSW Student Program Coordinator

Phone: 818-898-0223

Fax: 818-361-5384

E-mail: diana.j@ecda.org

MFT Trainee Program Contact:

Lilia Tejeda-Frias, M.A, LMFT #125230

MFT Student Program Coordinator

Phone: 818-898-0223

Fax: 818-361-5384

E-mail: lilia.t@ecda.org