The Effects a Pandemic Can Have on Your Mental Health

As the pandemic continues and the changes of the Delta virus filter our news channels, there is no way around the reality of COVID-19 on our levels of fear and anxiety. Often a common symptom of anxiety is ongoing fear, worry, and panic that significantly impacts your ability to cope with your daily life. One of those impacts is that to our daily routines. We rely on the stability of our routine, going to school, work, hanging out with friends, dinner, etc. The comfort of knowing what happens next is critical. Unfortunately, the pandemic does not allow for a consistent set of events as there is changing conflicting information.

Alongside the changes in routine is the worry of financial stability. Many places have shut down, closed, and or reduced their workforce. The uncertainty of work stability, inability to access EDD funds, or make ends meet are overwhelming stressors that contribute to your mental health. How can we ask you to be relaxed when your livelihood is challenged?

Additionally, the pandemic brought the loss of emotional/physical support and the experience of losing loved ones to COVID-19. Social distancing separated us from the support of our community. It isolated everyone from seeking the comfort, help, and joy of sending time with those we love. The reality of social isolation, particularly for those who thrive in the company of others, can trigger sadness, anxiety, and loneliness. In conjunction with the isolation, there was the reality that many suffered grief from the sudden death of friends and family. The inability to be with our loved ones in a time of need and the suddenness of the death significantly impacts our ability to cope.

As public life returns to normal, the lingering effects of the pandemic are still felt. It is essential to acknowledge the range of emotions felt, and the impact COVID has had on our families, self, and mental health. Remember, we are surviving a Pandemic with no rulebook or previous experience to assist us!

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