Relative Home Assessment Services Program Success Story

In November of 2019, Ms. Taleghani was referred to the Relative Home Assessment Services (RHAS) program through the Resource Family Approval (RFA) program here at El Centro De Amistad. The case was assigned to El Centro de Amistad’s RHAS Paraprofessional Abigail Olivares. When Ms. Taleghani was introduced to the services, she was very hesitant about the process. She was not born in the United States and had never dealt with a situation like this one. Extensive psychoeducation about RFA approval process was provided before the first initial visit in order to provide the client with more support and decrease her skepticism about the Program.

During the initial visit, she became more open and willing to comply with whatever was necessary to keep her 7-year-old granddaughter safe and in her care. Ms. Taleghani shared information about her history. She mentioned that she had lived in Tennessee with her late husband, who tragically passed away years prior. She then moved to California to be closer to her children and grandchildren. Ms. Taleghani stated that she moved right on time because shortly after arriving, her granddaughter was removed from her son and placed under her immediate care.

Ms. Taleghani thoroughly enjoyed the 12-hour Training Program that was required for her to complete for RFA approval. It was noted that she benefited from the trainings as she was able to share her personal stories with the class candidly and to listen to other stories; stories similar to hers, which showed her she is not alone in the process. She was always willing to participate in role-play activities and did so with much enthusiasm and vigor.

As part of the RFA approval process, Ms. Taleghani’s home had to meet specific safety standards. She was assisted in purchasing a first aid kit and medication lockbox. She was extremely grateful for the assistance we were able to provide her. She was consistently showing her gratitude through her genuine smile, and thank you’s. She was also referred to attend the DCFS sponsored “Light up the Night Holiday Celebration” at Shepard Church; this provided fun activities and gifts for the family. Ms. Taleghani sent us pictures of her and her granddaughter enjoying the event. Seeing them both with big smiles during this challenging time in their life warmed our hearts and brought me a sense of fulfillment.

Ms. Taleghani and her family were a joy to support and work with. Her willingness, attention to detail, and timeliness and her great communication skills with the team and DCFS made her case move effortlessly. She is in the process of getting her home approved and will do so under the 90 days set by RFA.