How Therapy Helped Marisol Live a Healthy and Happier Life

Marisol is a 28-year-old Hispanic female who lives with her husband, 9-year-old daughter, and 4-year-old son. Marisol reported at intake that they reside in a home with two other families and deserved to have more room for her family. Marisol sought services because she was overwhelmed and felt as if she was being “pulled in different directions.”

Marisol began treatment in August of 2019. She disclosed during therapy that she suffered a miscarriage, which she says caused her a lot of pain and suffering. She experienced extreme anxiety and sadness since the miscarriage. When Marisol’s son was born, her feelings of grief resurfaced due to her previous miscarriage. Upon assessment, Marisol was diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Marisol was often nervous, irritable, overwhelmed at home, and work. She also expressed having relationship problems with her partner because of having different parenting approaches.

At first, Marisol had trouble engaging in treatment, but her therapist worked hard to create a safe space for her to express herself and was able to build trust. Marisol’s therapist responded with empathy and compassion and reflected on her concerns so that she felt heard and understood. Some of the interventions that Marisol learned in therapy focused on being able to self-regulate using coping and relaxation skills to challenge her negative self-talk. Marisol was also able to practice assertive communication, which improved her ability to have healthier relationships with others. She thanked her therapist for the services provided, stating that she might have ended her marriage if she had not gained the insight into her behaviors and learned the skills to regulate herself to be able to communicate with her husband better.

Marisol ended therapy in June 2020, and although she reported that she would miss her therapist, she also felt ready to end treatment. Marisol reported recently that her functioning had significantly improved at home and work. She reported that due to COVID-19, she chose to leave her job to invest more time with her family. She was also hopeful about her improved relationship status with her partner. Marisol’s overall mood improved, and she now can manage her life stressors without feeling so overwhelmed and anxious. With the help of her therapist and therapy, Marisol now has the necessary tools and resources to function more calmly and independently.

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