Understanding risks and ensuring prevention works

Finding the right board members can be a risky undertaking. We’ve been fortunate to welcome amazing and insightful individuals onto our board, and Justin Jamar Grooms is no exception to this rule.

Justin, who serves as a business consultant for Gaspar Insurance Services, understands the risks associated with running a business, both in the for-profit and nonprofit sectors. It’s no surprise we get to tap into his insurance and human resources expertise. “The way you hire, train, and prove yourself able to retain good people goes a long way in addressing the goals of the organization,” he said. “My vision is to help guide and offer insight as to how the agency manages the staff and gives them the tools that they need to succeed.”

Justin understands the mental health issues ECDA’s clients face, providing them behavioral health, access to community resources, and support to overcome life challenges.

The mission resonates with Justin as he remembers when he was 14 years old and lost his mom. Looking back at those years, Justin recognizes that he experienced severe depression. “I was insulated with a loving grandmother, aunts and uncles, brother and sisters who gave me support.” Yet, the question remains, ‘Who knows what would have happened had he not had the support of his family?’

Today he focuses on giving back on various levels, from his involvement on other boards in the community, to writing and publishing several books on discovering your purpose from a spiritual perspective. One book he wrote entitled, Elevated Life, explores four pillars: love, gratitude, compassion, and awareness. His other book entitled, Wrapped In Skin, is an extremely personal book that explores his journey dealing with life’s challenges and gives the reader examples of some tools that he used to get through those difficult times. What a wonderful way to give back the love and affinity he received in his upbringing.