Setting Goals to Ensure Greater Impact

July marks El Centro de Amistad’s board of directors’ installation, and the board members have much to be proud of for their previous year of accomplishments. Under the leadership of Luis Cervantes, who is serving as the president for the third year, the agency has seen significant growth. Some accomplishments Luis cites are policy changes to enhance employee’s work environment, adding diverse funding sources, including private giving, and opening a third location. In addition to empowering individuals for a better future, the agency also celebrated its 40th anniversary in June. Luis, who owns an accounting consultancy for nonprofit organizations, has established three goals for the upcoming year. With support from the board and staff, he hopes to strengthen the agency’s impact by increasing clients’ outcomes. Enriching employee benefits is another goal. Luis also seeks to continue diversifying funding sources to overcome any economic and political challenges in the future. Given his background, there is no surprise that he wants to strengthen the financial aspect of the agency. “Under Tamika’s leadership, we have a great culture at the agency and we want to continue the combination of teamwork among her, Tania Fallert, the associate director, and the board,” said Luis, who also acknowledged the fine work the staff has done to serve the agency’s mission. We’d like to welcome these board members for their continued service and leadership: Luis Cervantes – President Rich Golisch – Vice President Doug Barnett – Treasurer Irene Smerigan – Secretary Jerry Fox – Sargent At Arms David Moreno – Member-at-large