Introducing Our New Family Source Center: Empowering Families, Transforming Lives

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our newest initiative, the FamilySource Center program, aimed at providing comprehensive support and resources to individuals and families in our community. At the heart of this program are the incredible success stories of our clients, showcasing the tangible impact of our services in transforming lives for the better.

Client Success Stories: Overcoming Adversity with Support

Mr. T and his family faced financial hardship and the threat of eviction from their apartment. With the assistance of our Family Source Center team, we provided tenant/landlord mediation and financial aid to help Mr. T settle his rental debt. Through our support, Mr. T avoided eviction and is now on the path to accessing essential benefits like Medical. Additionally, we’re working with him to become an IHSS worker to care for his adult child with disabilities, ensuring stability for his family’s future.

Ms. S turned to us during a time of financial struggle, unable to afford a prom dress for her daughter due to hardship. With our intervention, we partnered with a nonprofit to provide her daughter with a beautiful prom dress, alleviating Ms. S’s worries and fostering a sense of belonging for her family. We’re also assisting Ms. S in applying for utility arrear assistance programs, further easing her financial burden.

Mr. and Mrs. M, a family facing eviction notices and rental debt, found hope and support through our Family Source Center. Through tenant/landlord mediation and financial assistance, we prevented their eviction and helped clear their rental debts. Now, with renewed stability, Mr. and Mrs. M are working towards their future housing goals with confidence.

Access to Essential Resources and Programs

Our FamilySource Center offers a plethora of free programs and resources to our community members, including:

  • Free tutoring and mentoring services for individuals seeking educational support.
  • College career workshops to assist with career advancement.
  • Multi-benefit screenings designed to aid individuals in applying for programs like CalFRESH, CalWORKS, EDD, and Social Security.
  • Job search assistance for those seeking employment opportunities.
  • Free income tax preparation services to maximize refunds.
  • Access to our food pantry to combat food insecurity.
  • And many more resources tailored to meet diverse needs.

  • Community Collaboration and Impact

    In collaboration with Council District 6, we’ve assisted four families with temporary motel stays until they could be placed in transitional shelters, ensuring their safety and stability during difficult times.

    Join Us in Making a Difference

    We invite you to join us in supporting the Family Source Center program and making a meaningful impact on the lives of individuals and families in our community. Together, we can continue to empower and uplift those in need, creating a brighter and more resilient future for all.

    For more information about our Family Source Center program and how you can get involved, please contact us at (818) 441-7127 or visit LA CITY Community Investment Family Source Centers.

    Thank you for your ongoing support as we work towards building a stronger, more compassionate community for everyone.