How One Team’s Ambition Serves Everyone

Committed. Ambitious. Awesome. Are three words that come to the mind of El Centro de Amistad’s Human Resources (HR) team members: HR Manager Elizabeth Diaz, HR Assistant Denise Guillen, and Administrative Assistant Anna Belle Guillen.

The consensus: As a team, they encourage and help each other. And this agreement extends to the entire workforce, who they are committed to supporting as well.  

One example stands out for Anna. When she received a call from a former client who was in crisis, she quickly realized she would need support with the call. Since Anna was new in her position, she texted Denise to help her deescalate the situation. Denise’s swift support with the client resulted in a positive outcome.

Each member is willing to find ways to improve the work environment as well as ways to satisfy the clients’ and staff’s needs. Whether it’s ensuring all staff meetings run smoothly so everyone is happy and inspired to supporting another department during audits, they communicate and work together to adapt to what’s required on any given day.

Communication is always key, according to each member of the HR team. “I have worked in environments where there is no communication between supervisors and employees and it always created a very frustrating workplace. When communication is put into practice in a team it makes for a much more enjoyable and satisfactory workplace,” said Denise.

Elizabeth added that communication is essential in order to understand what is going on at the organization, however also “as managers it is crucial to understand what your own team is dealing with at work and in their personal lives, if they wish to share of course. HR is one of other departments in an organization whose support system is valuable. As a team, we need to be ready at all times for when any ECDA member requires our support or assistance.”

“The efficiency of the Human Resource Department is due the dedication of the employees. It is a privilege to have Denise Guillen and Anna Belle Guillen in my team!” said Elizabeth.

The HR team truly exemplifies what ECDA values in empowering the lives of those we serve and our workforce for a better future