While We Have Much This Season, Others Don’t

While most of us experience tradition, family, and love during the holidays through the season’s festivities like traditional holiday music, décor and time-tested favorite meals, others do not. While we gather as a family around the dining table, grateful for the blessings throughout the year or for the support to overcome unexpected surprises, others can’t. While we surround ourselves with people who we love and love us in return, others have no one.

You can make a difference this holiday season to brighten the holidays for our children, families and individuals who struggle during this time of year. Emotional challenges, financial stressors, and mental health barriers present obstacles for our clients. The holidays can be a depressing time for them, reminded of their insecurities at school, how strapped they are to meet the basic needs, or instability to maintain a job.

Consider brightening the holiday season for our clients to distract them from their everyday struggles. What can you provide? Donate a favorite toy for a child, a traditional meal for the family, or a gift card to empower self-sufficiency. You can bring the spirit of tradition, family and love to our clients by giving one or several gifts.

For those who have the bare necessities, your gifts remind them of the holiday season and the generosity of others. Please consider making a donation or hosting a holiday drive by calling Flaviola Garcia, ECDA community relations coordinator, at 818-898-0223 ext. 114.


Tamika Farr, MBA
Executive Director