Family is Her Therapy

Born and raised in New York and New Jersey area, one of the things that Charlene Grambling, a realtor in San Fernando Valley, understands is the importance of a village, having people to help you and guide you along the way.

“My mother was a positive voice in my home and she helped the less fortunate,” said Charlene, whose mother used nursing as a way to show that even on a bed of affliction you still have someone that cares for you. “Mental health became very important to me and it starts from the home. For young people who don’t receive it, they get lost.”

The mission of El Centro de Amistad is to offer comprehensive mental health services to empower individuals for a better tomorrow. The newest El Centro de Amistad board member, Charlene’s aim is to apply her skills in real estate by offering her expertise in buildings and facilities. She wants to be part of the mission that empowers “young people to be able to feel they are a part of society, are cared for, and give them a broader spectrum of what they can achieve.”

In her career she is able to help young people and middle-aged individuals acquire homes. With her expertise in dual banking and finance, Charlene produces a business plan to get them in a position to buy a home. “The jubilee on their faces is priceless,” said Charlene.

As a grandmother, the joy she has around her two grandchildren is also priceless. Married for 22 years with one son, 31, her family is her therapy, providing her with the self-care she needs to find relaxation. Some activities she enjoys are reading a good book, getting a manicure and pedicure, receiving a massage, listening to a Christian podcast, and running two miles a day.