Why Routines Produce Good Habits

mh_article5 Summertime offers a free flowing approach to the long summer days for families with children. Challenges may also arise for parents who struggle with extended daycare, the additional expense of meals, and occupying their children’s time. By the time August rolls around, we welcome the routines set at the beginning of a school year. Not only are routines important for children but they also provide structure for adults. When we have structure in our lives, we create the space for more productivity, positive habits, and rewarding outcomes when we set goals to do a little at a time each day. With set schedules, children can predict what the activities will be and a sense of control is owned. We begin to automate certain daily tasks and hone our skills as well. Here are seven daily activities for children, families, and you: • Have a regular wake-up time • Prepare for your work day (or other, if day off) and have backpacks ready the night before • Practice daily some form of self-care (ex: exercise, meditation, inspirational reading) • Plan and make meals • Enjoy hobbies or family time • Do chores • Sleep Source: www.Recovery.org