ECDA’s Response to COVID-19

Dear ECDA Friends,

During the COVID-19 pandemic, we have all become aware of the importance of mental health and the daily practices required to maintain our wellbeing. To stay connected with our clients during social distancing restrictions and to adhere to the safe at home order, ECDA continues to provide telehealth services and minimal in-person contact with our clients. This service provides us the ability to stay in touch with our clients and support their mental wellness and safety during these challenging times.
Being mentally healthy is essential and a priority. The stressors of decreased income and being confined to our homes have increased the possibilities of mental illness, specifically depression and anxiety. It is crucial to have healthy coping skills in times of crisis. In our efforts to provide emotional support and a healthy social outlet during this trying time, ECDA continues to offer free virtual support groups to the community. Also, we invite you to stay engaged with our Instagram and Facebook pages, where we post daily resources and information to keep you aware and informed of our mental health support webinars.

As we continue to adhere to the Mayor’s orders for our safe reopening, ECDA is prepared to welcome our team and clients when it is safe to do so. We are preparing for our return to the office by developing:

  • Standards of conduct including handwashing, hand sanitizing, sharing of equipment, dissemination of hard-copy documents, donning and doffing of PPE, social distancing, and workstation cleaning and disinfecting
  • Rules regarding entering and exiting the building to ensure social distancing
  • New procedures and policies regarding calling in sick, incentives to remain home when sick rather than come into the office
  • Development of alternating employee work schedules
  • Installing plexiglass at all reception areas
  • Specifying service delivery safety expectations
  • An acknowledgment by each employee of these new policies

We are all looking forward to the future and our new normal as an agency, and we hope to welcome you back to our offices soon!

 We’re All in This Together! Stay well and be healthy. 

Tamika Farr, MBA
Executive Director