5 tips to tackle mental illness

mh_article2Here are five tips to tackle mental illness: 1. Figure out what lifts your spirits and make a list you can refer to when you start to feel down. Some things you might include: funny websites, movies that make you laugh, looking at pictures of good times, playing with a pet, taking a bath, hiking, puzzles, phone numbers of people you like talking to or places you like to go. 2. Keep a mood journal. Write a little about what happened and what kind of mood you were in each day. By doing so you’ll be better able to monitor changes, identify potential triggers, and keep track of what helps you to feel good. 3. Focus on things you can control and take action. Pick out your clothes for the week, plan your meals for the next couple days, organize your desk—taking care of small things empowers you to take charge when it comes to larger tasks. 4. Minimize the stress in your relationships. Struggling with mental illness can be difficult, and fighting increases stress which can aggravate symptoms and make it harder to recover. Focus on finding solutions and not placing blame. Know when it is best to walk away from conflict and come back when everyone is able to collect their thoughts and talk calmly. 5. Embrace the idea of change. Making lifestyle changes is difficult for everybody, but you will need to mentally prepare yourself for the fact that change is necessary (and worth it) in order to achieve recovery. Source: Mental Health America